15 Best Viral TikTok Products You Need In Your Life

15 Best Viral TikTok Products You Need In Your Life

You are currently viewing 15 Best Viral TikTok Products You Need In Your Life

They say there are no shortcuts in life, very true, but there are some things that can make life a little bit easier. To help you, we will go over the best viral TikTok products certain to improve your lifestyle.

TikTok is way more than dancing and comedy skits. There are plenty of new products that are brought to life, simply through a couple of clicks with a smartphone. A brief 20-second product review has the opportunity to reach an audience of millions within the application. People will go crazy for these products, frantically searching for a way to get their hands on these items.

You might want these products for yourself, or it could be the perfect Christmas gift you have been searching for. Use them as stocking stuffers, or even for a gift exchange! Whatever the case may be, enticing items correlate to impulsive purchases, and that’s okay! There is always a reason the product went viral in the first place, so let’s take a look at some that you might have missed. In this review, I am certain you will find at least one product you or someone else could use in your life right now!

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15 Best Viral TikTok Products You Need In Your Life

1. The Pink Stuff – (Miracle All Purpose Cleaning Paste)

Stardrops - The Pink Stuff - The Miracle All Purpose

Let’s face it, some stains are almost impossible to resolve, so we eventually just give up on it. But what if there was a solution to this problem?

The Pink Stuff flooded TikTok with users showcasing how well this product worked at cleaning just about anything. People were making their pans look brand new and bathrooms spotless. Remove that pesky grease, stain, or grime from practically any surface! This is easily one of the best viral TikTok products and is guaranteed to save you time and money.

2. Lip Sleeping Mask – (Better Lips Overnight)

LANEIGE Lip Sleeping Mask - Berry: Nourish & Hydrate with

As the colder weather approaches, our lips tend to take a beating. Nobody likes the feeling of dry lips, so let’s look at a practical remedy.

The Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask took TikTok by storm and was well known as a “TikTok made me buy it,” product. Simply apply the mask at night, and let your lips receive moisture and antioxidants while you sleep. Say goodbye to dry and cracked lips, and wake up to the smooth fresh lips you deserve!

3. Cleaning Gel – (Detail Like a Pro)

TICARVE Cleaning Gel for Car Detail Tools Car Cleaning Automotive

Why does it always seem so difficult to find the right cleaning solution? And not only that but a solution that can get EVERYTHING out?

The Ticarve Cleaning Gel might just be the most fun cleaning product. Slime is notorious on TikTok for its pleasant look and satisfying action. Now you can use a similar gel for all of your cleaning needs! This gel is perfect for removing dust or dirt from those hard-to-reach places like cupholders, air vents, or even your keyboards.

4. Mini Waffle Maker – (Perfect For Any Home Chef)

DASH Mini Maker for Individual Waffles, Hash Browns, Keto Chaffles

Do you like waffles? Yeah, we like waffles. Come on though, nothing sounds better for breakfast than some mini waffles!

The DASH Mini Waffle Maker is the most convenient waffle maker on the market. Small and portable so you can take it to work, school, the gym, who cares! With so many colors to choose from, this is one of the best viral TikTok products I have seen. A great gift for any waffle craver!

5. Mini Bag Sealer and Cutter – (Kitchen Must Have)

Mini Bag Sealer, Portable Vacuum Sealers, Chip Bag Sealer, Handheld

Nothing is worse than those brand-new chips you bought becoming stale overnight. Sealing a bag has always been a hassle, and buying clips can be tedious. 

The Mini Bag Sealer is a hidden gem for guaranteed freshness. The bag sealer will reseal any bag, ensuring no air will get inside and ruin your food. There is even a cutter attached, allowing a precise opening experience with your next bag. Save your money and your food!

6. Car Cup Holder Expander – (Eliminate Spills)

Smart Kup Car Cup Holder Expander - Fits Hydro Flasks


How are we supposed to keep 2 hands on the wheel, if we are too worried about our oversized bottle falling over? Nothing will ruin your day faster than a mess in the car.

The Smart Kup Car Cup Holder Expander is the most convenient of viral TikTok products. Just think about how many times you get in the car with your beverage. Now your Yeti, Hydroflask, or coffee mug will be securely fastened for any bump or turn you encounter on your ride.

7. Pet Hair Remover – (Self-Cleaning & Reusable)

Nado Care Pet Hair Remover - Lint Roller - Self

We love our furry four-legged friends, but not the mess they leave behind. And the duty of getting the vacuum cleaner out starts to become monotonous.

The Nado Care Pet Hair Remover is your adhesive-free tool that will make cleaning pet hair a breeze. Your sofa, couches, carpet, and blankets are no match for this hair remover. Our pet lovers will find this to be the best of the viral TikTok products!

8. Insulated Tumbler – (Your Beverage’s Best Friend)

Simple Modern Insulated Tumbler with Lid and Straw | Iced


You can never have enough cups, but some are better than others. A quality cup that does not break the bank can be tough to find at times.

The Simple Modern Insulated Tumbler has that stylish and sleek look, at an affordable price. With the double wall insulation, keep your drinks cold for up to 24 hours, or hot for up to 8 hours. The tumbler is cupholder-friendly, making it convenient on the go!

9. The Perfect Pizza Pack – (Save Those Slices)

The Perfect Pizza Pack™ - Reusable Pizza Storage Container with


Think about how much refrigerator space you lose when you put the entire pizza box in it. Not to mention, the quality of the pizza is at risk too.

The Perfect Pizza Pack is here to save the day. The pizza container collapses and expands to appropriately fit your leftover pizza. The container features a snap-on airtight lid to keep your slices fresh. Your pizza will come out of the container microwave-ready with the included pizza plates! The man in your life will appreciate this contraption!

10. Portable Blender – (Blender To Go)

PopBabies Smoothie Blender, Portable Blender and single-serve Personal Blender, Blender

A blender does not need to be confined to just the kitchen. We should be able to make any concoction wherever we want!

With PopBabies Portable Blender, you have the freedom to blend in any location! The blender can be charged making it convenient for travel. Once you are done blending, you can drink right from the jar. This is great for that post-lift shake or that smoothie at work! This portable blender is one of the best viral TikTok products for those always on the go.

11. Indispensable Dry Food Dispenser – (No More Boxes)

Zevro /GAT202 Indispensable Dry Food Dispenser, Dual Control, Silver

You see them at hotels, well now you can them at your house. Cereal for breakfast just got a whole lot easier.

The Zevro Indispensable Dry Food Dispenser is ready to make breakfast time more efficient. Forget the cereal box and bag, now all you have to do is twist the knob for simple portion control. The dispenser can even keep the cereal fresh for up to 45 days!

12. No-Spill Pet Water Bowl – (Keep The Floor Clean)

LumoLeaf Dog Water Bowl, Dog Bowl No-Spill Pet Water Bowl  

To our animal lovers, the puddles on the kitchen floor have got to go. No more wet socks from here on out.

The LumoLeaf No-Spill Water Bowl is ready to prevent water from splashing and overflowing. The bowl will automatically adjust the water flow to slow down your pet’s drinking to help avoid choking and gulping. This is great for at home or on the move for a spill-free experience!

13. Small Ice Cube Trays – (The Perfect Size)

Arrow Small Ice Cube Trays for Freezer, Ice Coffee and

Those small little ice cubes that you can only get at restaurants or fast food places are the best. They seem to make your drink taste better and are perfect to chew on.

Now with the Arrow Small Ice Cube Trays you can have that sought-after ice at your own convenience! Do not go out of your way to buy a bulky ice maker to achieve this exceptional design. These ice trays will take up little room in the freezer and will be ready for your drinks in no time!

14. Under Sink Organizer – (No More Wasted Space)

Expandable Under Sink Organizer and Storage I Bathroom Under the

TikTok will go crazy for a product that makes anything more “aesthetically pleasing.” But seriously, the storage under the sink needs to be under control.

The Spicy Shelf Under Sink Organizer is one of the best viral TikTok products for homeowners. The shelf heights are adjustable to meet your specific needs and are easy to assemble. You can have easy access to any product, and not be disgusted every time you open the drawer!

15. EZ-Bed Air Mattress – (Luxury Air Mattress)

Ivation EZ-Bed (Twin) Air Mattress with Deflate Defender™ Technology Dual

Your uncomfortable air mattress is a thing of the past. Sleep in style and comfort with this top-of-the-line air mattress.

The Ivation EZ-Bed Air Mattress will be the best sleep you ever experience with an air mattress. This air mattress inflates and deflates in less than 4 minutes. You can even adjust the comfort level to your precise liking. When you are finished, the air mattress can be easily folded and stored in the included duffle bag. A must-have travel product for your next adventure!

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