15 Good New Year’s Resolutions For A Happy 2023

15 Good New Year’s Resolutions For A Happy 2023

You are currently viewing 15 Good New Year’s Resolutions For A Happy 2023

As we say goodbye to 2022, it’s time to look forward to a brand new year. This is your opportunity to reinvent yourself or establish goals for a better lifestyle. You’ve probably heard the phrase, “New Year, New Me,” and that will be the plan moving forward. With these good New Year’s resolutions, you will be right on track for a happy 2023. These products listed will help you achieve your New Year’s resolution, or make a great gift to help someone you care for.

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What Is A New Year’s Resolution?

A New Year’s resolution is a tradition at the beginning of the new year, in which a person makes a promise to change an aspect of their life. This could be by achieving personal goals, changing an undesired trait, or practicing good ethics. Overall, the objective is to positively impact your lifestyle for the new year. There are no limits to deciding on a New Year’s resolution. You can make it specific like, “I will jog 1 mile every week.” Or, you could simply say, “I will do more running this year.” There are no right or wrong answers, because the only person it has to make sense to, is yourself!

How To Keep A New Year’s Resolution?

When deciding on a New Year’s resolution, some strategies need to be implemented for a higher success rate:

  1. First, you need to make sure that your New Year’s resolution is realistic. You do not want to set yourself up for failure by simply chasing an unattainable goal. Keep the goal within your reach, and this will make it easier to keep.
  2. Also, you need to plan for your New Year’s resolution. You can not go into a battle without a game plan! If you do not have the necessary items to help you achieve your goals, then the odds will be less in your favor. Be prepared and give yourself the advantage.
  3. Next, you need to track your progress. Getting lost in the big picture of everything is easy, but if you acknowledge the small progress, you will find yourself getting closer to the overall goal. This will help you stay on top of things, and let you reflect on how far you have come!
  4. Finally, you need to believe in yourself! Do not give up because of one bad day. You will be your biggest competitor for this journey, so you have to keep trying!

15 Good New Year’s Resolutions

1. Drink More Water

Hidrate Spark PRO Smart Water Bottle – Insulated Stainless Steel

Staying on top of your hydration can be tasking throughout the day. This bottle will help you stay on top of it!

The Hidrate Spark PRO is a smart water bottle that tracks your intake and glows to remind you to stay hydrated. With the free hydration app, you can set a hydration goal that is adequate for your daily activities. Never miss a sip again!

2. Develop a Skincare Routine

Olay Facial Cleansing Brush Regenerist, Face Exfoliator with 2 Brush

Making a promise to improve your skin this year will strengthen and prepare your skin for effects later in life. 

This Facial Cleansing Brush will boost the performance of your cleanser for a deep clean. The brush is waterproof so you can use it in the shower! This brush will have your skin primed to maximize the hydrating effect of your moisturizer! A popular, “TikTok made me buy it,” product you need in your life!

3. Make Coffee At Home To Save Money

Keurig K-Elite Single-Serve K-Cup Pod Coffee Maker, Brushed Silver

Those trips to the coffee shop every morning start adding up! Let’s keep some of that money in your pockets this year.

The Keurig K-Elite Coffee Maker will give you premium coffee, without waiting in line! The beverage customization with this coffee maker will have you starting every morning right. For iced coffee lovers, there is even an “ICED” button that will give you a perfectly brewed iced beverage.

4. Keep The House Cleaner

iRobot Roomba 694 Robot Vacuum-Wi-Fi Connectivity, Personalized Cleaning Recommendations, Works

A clean house is a happy house. Everyone wants their house to stay clean, but a busy schedule can make it hard to find the time.

The iRobot Roomba Robot Vacuum will take your mind off of vacuuming. This trendy vacuum can easily be scheduled to operate whenever you want! The advanced sensors allow the robot to navigate under and around furniture, along edges, and avoid falling down steps. Come home after work to a clean house every day!

5. Improve Your Health

Apple Watch Series 8 [GPS 41mm] Smart Watch w/Midnight Aluminum

Make this the year that you stay on top of your body. Here is the ultimate device for a healthy life!

The Apple Watch Series 8 will give you deep insights into healthier life habits. Heart rate monitoring, blood oxygen detection, ECG readings, sleep tracker, and more! Track your fitness workouts and keep a tab on calories burned. By simply wearing this watch every day, you will be able to learn so much about your body!

6. Eat Out Less

COSORI Air Fryer Pro LE 5-Qt Airfryer, Quick and Easy,

You probably choose to eat out because it is more convenient than cooking your food. What if there was a way to make cooking easier?

The COSORI Air Fryer is here to help you make any meal without the hassle. A viral sensation that has everyone cooking like a professional! No more difficult recipes and hours of standing in the kitchen. An air fryer will deliver delicious meals with minimal effort! Save time and money on food this year!

7. Keep a Journal

One Line A Day: A Five-Year Memory Book (5 Year

Keep track of milestones and memories this year! A journal can sound like a tedious task, but here is a simple solution.

The One Line A Day Journal is like it sounds, one thoughtful sentence for each day. Use the journal right before bed and reflect on your day. Look back on important events or progress as days come and go. A great way to begin journaling!

8. Healthier Sleep Routine

Magicteam Sound Machine White Noise Machine with 20 Non Looping

Everyone knows how important sleep is for you. So let’s make sure you get a good night’s rest this year.

This Sound Machine will help you relax and enjoy a deep sleep experience. There are 20 soothing sounds to choose from and 32 levels of volume. Put an end to the disrupting noises that have been affecting your sleep. This sleep machine will have you well-rested this year!

9. Set a Reading Goal

Kindle Paperwhite (8 GB) – Now with a 6.8" display

Reading is a great way to improve your concentration and memory while also enhancing your knowledge. Here is a great device to keep you on top of your reading.

The Kindle Paperwhite is the best alternative to your paperback books. You can have access to thousands of different titles, all in one place. The screen will read like real paper, even in bright sunlight, without straining the eyes. Going on vacation? No worries! Enjoy your favorite readings wherever you go!

10. Floss Every Day

Waterpik Aquarius Water Flosser Professional For Teeth, Gums, Braces, Dental

The one promise you make to your dentist each visit, but fail to do so. Here’s a unique New Year’s resolution that can be fun!

The Waterpik Aquarius Water Flosser removes up to 99.9 percent of plaque and is up to 50 percent more effective than dental floss! This flosser features enhanced water pressure with 10 settings for a custom clean and a massage mode for gum stimulation. The slim handle makes it easy to floss those hard-to-reach places in the back. An easy and effective way to floss!

11. Travel More

Coolife Luggage 3 Piece Set Suitcase Spinner Hardshell Lightweight TSA  

There are so many things to see in the world! Make this the year for adventures.

A great way to create memories this year is by planning a vacation! This Coolife Luggage 3 Piece Set will relieve your burden of travel. Easily pack all of your personal belongings with this set. This luggage is stylish, yet efficient for all of your travel needs!

12. Meal Prep More

Ez Prepa [20 Pack] 32oz 3 Compartment Meal Prep Containers

Taking full control of your eating habits can save you money and lower stress. If you are serious about weight management, this is where you should start!

These Meal Prep Containers are stackable, reusable, microwaveable, and dishwasher-safe. Take your meals with you instead of always eating out. Have a delicious meal waiting for you after a long day of work and save time from cooking! The best solution for staying healthy this year begins here!

13. Keep Your Car Clean

Meguiar's Complete Car Care Kit - The Ultimate Car Detailing

Tired of being embarrassed by how your car looks? Get in the habit this year of keeping your car looking fresh!

This Complete Car Care Kit comes with 12 premium products for interior and exterior detailing. These products will clean, shine, and protect your vehicle’s paint, interior, wheels, bumpers, and everything else! Save money on expensive car detailing services, and have your car looking brand new this year!

14. Spend More Time With Family

Mattel Games UNO Card Game, Toy for Kids and Adults,

An important New Year resolution is to make sure you dedicate enough time to your loved ones. Life can get busy, but make it a priority this year.

Having a family game night is perfect with the UNO Card Game! Enjoy this classic family card game for a night of laughs and competition. The game is easy to set up and play, for hours of entertainment!

15. Start Walking More

HOKA ONE ONE Clifton 8 Womens Shoes Size 8.5, Color:

Make a promise to improve your cardiovascular fitness this year! A nice walk around the block will promote weight loss and increase energy levels. 

These HOKA Shoes are one of the top trending shoes for outdoor wear! The best option for comfortable shoes that will alleviate foot pain. There are plenty of different varieties to choose from for both men and women. Enjoy the best walking experience this year!

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