Top 15 Cool Gaming Items Your Setup Needs

Top 15 Cool Gaming Items Your Setup Needs

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Are you looking to give your gaming setup an upgrade this year? Whether you are a serious gamer or a casual gamer, there is no denying that gaming accessories can improve your overall experience. So let’s help you level up your gameplay and check out some cool gaming items!

The internet is filled with gaming equipment as the industry continues to blossom. Social media is packed with viral products and trending items that all look so appealing for your gaming room. And nowadays you can find out what your favorite streamer has in their setup in seconds! The abundance of resources is great, but how do we know what gaming items are actually worth the hype and will stay in your room?

That’s where reviews come to help. The gaming community is notorious for leaving helpful feedback regarding their experience with gaming products. They will let you know if the item has positively impacted their life. Conversely, they will be the first to let you know if a gaming product is a waste of money and should be avoided. This is beneficial for narrowing down cool gaming items that are worth investing in. However, you might not have time to read through reviews, so we are here to help. We have checked each product for positive sentiment and strong supporting reviews!

What Are The Most Popular Gaming Accessories?

When you think of playing video games the most common accessories that come to mind are probably a headset, controller, mouse, or keyboard. The most essential items needed to begin playing. These are all great accessories, but there are far more gaming items that can revamp your setup.

These gaming items can be anything from an aesthetically pleasing display, to a product that will allow for a cleaner overall setup. Items such as LED lights that sync to your game or even a headset stand to keep your device safe when not playing. No matter what type of gamer you are, an improved setup will give you a feeling of peace and confidence every time you play! Now let’s dive into some cool gaming items that will instantly maximize your setup!

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15 Cool Gaming Items

1. LED Backlights – (Brighten Your Playing Experience)

Govee TV LED Backlight, RGB LED Lights for TV with

Are you tired of a boring gaming setup? These lights will enhance the gaming atmosphere and bring your game to life!

These LED Backlights can be used with a TV, monitor, or even as a room decoration. Simply connect the lights to a USB port and watch the magic begin. The light has a built-in microphone that allows them to sync with the music, changing colors and brightness simultaneously, to immerse you in a real entertaining world. With the included remote control you have complete access to change from 32 vibrant colors and different brightness levels. An easy-to-set-up and fully customizable accessory that your gaming setup needs!

2. RGB Headphones Stand – (Must-Have Headphone Holder)

Havit RGB Headphones Stand with 3.5mm AUX and 2 USB

If you are worried about keeping your headphones in great condition, then this is a must-have item for your desk!

This RGB Headphones Stand has a sturdy foundation with grippy pads underneath, ensuring protection over your headphones when you are not using them. There are 5 different lighting modes that will create a cool gaming vibe for your room! The stand is equipped with 3.5mm AUX and 2 USB ports. Prevent wear-and-tear on your headphones and give your gaming setup a colorful touch with this stand!

3. Large RGB Gaming Mouse Pad – (Best Budget Gaming Mouse Pad)

Large RGB Gaming Mouse Pad -15 Light Modes Touch Control

Looking to upgrade your small mouse pad? This mouse pad will give you plenty of mouse room and add an aesthetically pleasing ambiance to your setup.

This Large RGB Mouse Pad is extra thick and contains 15 RGB lighting modes. The mouse pad is made of high-elasticity natural rubber and features an anti-slip base for a firm grip. The surface is soft and smooth to allow lightening-fast mouse moving! Enjoy a stress-free gaming experience with a mouse pad that will enhance your in-game action and overall visual display for your setup!

4. GTRACING Gaming Chair – (Best Overall Gaming Chair)

GTRACING Gaming Chair with Footrest Speakers Video Game Chair Bluetooth

It’s time to ditch the folding chair. You need to game in comfort and sit like a king.

This GTRACING Gaming Chair has always been a trending chair within the gaming community. The chair is designed with 2 Bluetooth speakers that power for surround sound, and will bring the action to life! The high-quality and breathable cushion will let you feel relaxed every time you play. The chair has adjustable heights and there is even a retractable footrest. Kickback and enjoy your gaming with a top-of-the-line chair from a world-leading gaming equipment brand!

5. RGB Desktop Speakers – (Quality Sound For Every Gamer)

Redragon GS520 RGB Desktop Speakers, 2.0 Channel PC Computer Stereo

The speaker from your monitor or TV could be affecting your gaming. Having some external speakers will ensure quality audio, all the time!

These RGB Desktop Speakers will give your gaming setup the rich, crystal-clear sound it deserves. Maybe you might want to take the headset off or even enjoy a movie, therefore, you will want external speakers with premium enhanced audio. The RGB lighting is touch-controlled and features 6 different modes. Not only are you receiving the best sound quality, but the lighting bar will improve the aesthetics of your gaming setup! They are USB-powered and will work with your PC, TV, or laptop! 

6. L Shaped Desk – (Best Desk For Gamers)

Mr IRONSTONE L Shaped Gaming Desk Corner Computer Desk, Home

No gaming setup is complete without a solid desk. This L-shaped design will give you plenty of room for the best workstation!

The L-shaped desk design is one of the most popular gaming setups. This desk will be big enough to fit your monitors, consoles, keyboards, or any other gaming accessory! This design will allow you to not feel trapped behind your desk and give you plenty of freedom to access all necessary items. The desk is durable and sturdy, but will not be a difficult assembly!

7. Blue Yeti USB Microphone – (Best Microphone for Streaming)

Logitech for Creators Blue Yeti USB Microphone for Gaming, Streaming,

If you are a serious gamer or pursuing to become one, this is a necessity for your setup.

The Blue Yeti Microphone is a professional mic that produces clear, powerful, broadcast-quality sound. Use this microphone for YouTube videos, Twitch game streaming, TikToks, podcasting, and more! Elevate your streams and recordings with clear broadcast vocal sound and entertain your audience with enhanced effects. The four pickup patterns allow you to record in ways that would normally require multiple microphones! A great addition to any gaming setup!

8. MSI 27″ Curved Gaming Monitor – (Must-Have Gaming Monitor)

MSI MPG ARTYMIS 273CQR, 27" Gaming Monitor, 2560 x 1440

Looking to part ways with your old TV or monitor? It’s time to step up your display with a quality gaming monitor!

The MSI Curved Gaming Monitor will perfectly fit the curvature of the human eye so you can see the entire screen without any fatigue. The rapid boost 165hz refresh rate with a 1ms response time means you will have the upper hand with faster reactions in games. This could be the difference between you staying alive longer and getting the win! This monitor will take your gaming experience to the next level!

9. Electric Air Duster – (Gamer’s Best Friend)

Electric Air Duster, Cordless Air Duster, Rechargeable Compressed Air Duster,

Tired of your gaming items collecting dust? Those hard-to-reach spots can be difficult and lead to frustration.

This Electric Air Duster can produce super-strong air flow, without the need for compressed air. Give your computer case, keyboard, console, controllers, or any part of your gaming setup, the deep clean it deserves! The duster can be recharged and used repeatedly, so you can always guarantee a solution for your cleaning needs. The duster is cordless so you will have no problem transporting or storing it!

10. Under Desk Comfort Foot Rest – (For A Relaxing Gameplay)

The Original Everlasting Comfort Foot Rest Under Desk for Office

Sitting for hours can cause unwanted pain that many gamers might experience. Here is an effective pain relief solution for a comfortable gaming experience.

This Comfort Foot Rest will elevate your legs and put your hips and knees on the same plane. This will alleviate pressure on joints and muscles so your body will feel better overall. When you are gaming, the last thing you want to worry about is how your body feels, you need to stay focused! This footrest will create a good sitting posture and the soft cushion will relax your sensory nerves!

11. Desk Air Purifier – (Keep Your Gaming Setup Clean)

LEVOIT Air Purifiers for Bedroom Home, 3-in-1 Filter Cleaner with

Depending on how sweaty of a gamer you are, your room might be paying the consequences.

An Air Purifier will help to pull in unwanted particles within the room, and then filter out purified air. This will keep your gaming room fresh and clean to help your body feel more relaxed. If there is a musty odor in the room, simply add a few drops of essential oils to boost the aroma and keep your space smelling great. Keep your gaming setup under control and give your body the fresh air it deserves!

12. Dual Monitor Desk Mount – (Best Gaming Item to Stay Organized)

VIVO Dual Monitor Desk Mount, Heavy Duty Fully Adjustable Steel

Are you running a dual monitor gaming setup, but running out of desk room? Here is a solution that will clean up your space!

A Dual Monitor Desk Mount allows a gamer to set up two monitors side-by-side for a wider field of view and a more immersive gaming experience. It can also free up desk space and improve ergonomics by allowing the gamer to adjust the monitors to a more comfortable viewing angle. Adjust the height and angles for the perfect gaming setup!

13. Desk Cup-Holster – (The Best Anti-Spill Cup Holder)

Cup-Holster - The Best Anti-Spill Cup Holder for Your Desk

Nothing is worse than spilling your drink near your gaming setup. Let’s avoid spills and keep your gaming items protected!

A Desk Cup Holder can be a super convenient way to keep your drink close by without taking up valuable desk space or worrying about spills. Plus, it can help reduce the risk of accidents. It’s a small investment that can come in handy during long gaming sessions!

14. Wireless Charger – (No Annoying Cables)

Yootech Wireless Charger,10W Max Wireless Charging Stand, Compatible with iPhone

When you are gaming the last thing you want is a charging cable in your way. Here is the perfect solution to keeping your phone charged!

If you’re a gamer, you know how convenient it is to have your phone charged and ready to go while you’re playing. A Wireless Charger can be a great addition to your setup because it allows you to charge your phone without having to deal with cables and plugs. Reduce clutter on your desk and charge up in the most practical way possible!

15. Smart Table Lamp – (Smart Device Controlled)

Govee RGBIC Table Lamp, Smart Lamp Work with Alexa, LED

This Smart Table Lamp easily connects to any smart device and can be controlled remotely through the integrated app. There are 16 million colors to choose from so you can find the perfect fit for your gaming setup. The lamp works with Amazon Alexa and Google Home so you can control it with your voice! The most customizable lamp that your setup needs!

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