15 Best Viral Pet Products for Dog Owners

15 Best Viral Pet Products for Dog Owners

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Do you ever find yourself scrolling through your social media feeds and seeing all these amazing and hilarious pet products that you just have to have? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. It seems like every day there are new viral pet products that are taking the internet by storm and making dog owners everywhere go crazy.

From unique and interactive toys that will keep your pup entertained for hours, to fashionable and eye-catching accessories that will make them the coolest of all their doggy friends, there’s no shortage of amazing products out there. And let’s be real, who doesn’t love a good dog meme or video to brighten up their day?

But let’s be honest, as much as we want to buy every single one of these viral pet products, our wallets (and our dogs) may not thank us. And let’s not forget that some of these products may be more gimmicky than actually useful. So let us do the searching and reading to find you the best products your dog will love!

What Are Popular Pet Products for Dogs?

There’s the classic dog leash because let’s face it, even the most well-trained pups need a little guidance from time to time. And don’t forget the trusty dog collar – it’s not just for show, it’s also a great place to attach their tags and licenses.

But every good dog owner knows that sometimes it’s not just about the necessities. That’s where the fun stuff comes in! Like the always popular laser pointer, guaranteed to provide hours of entertainment (for both you and your furry friend). Or what about those cozy dog beds? Your pooch will love snuggling up in one of those after a long day of fetch and belly rubs.

And let’s not forget the classic dog toys! From chew toys to fetch toys to puzzle toys, there’s something for every type of pup. Just be sure to supervise your dog while they play, because let’s be real, those toys don’t always last long.

Now let’s dive into some of the best viral products that are guaranteed to put a smile on your pup’s face!

Best Viral Pet Products for Dog Lovers

1. Pet Wand Shower Sprayer – (Best Way To Clean Your Dog)

Waterpik Pet Wand Pro Dog Shower Attachment for Fast and

Getting your pup all nice and clean can be a challenge, especially if you are using your shower head.

The Waterpik Shower Sprayer Attachment will connect to your outdoor hose or indoor shower. This will provide you with the maximum coverage and power you need for shampoo removal! It works for dogs of all sizes and types and is convenient for one-handed operation. Bath time will be a breeze with this shower attachment!

2. Cooling Elevated Pet Bed – (Perfect For Summer)

Coolaroo Gale Pacific The Original Cooling Elevated Dog Bed, Indoor


Does your dog avoid the bed you got for them? Chances are it is too hot for their liking.

This Elevated Pet Bed is made out of heavy-duty breathable fabric that promotes and increases air flow on all sides of the bed. This will keep your pet cool and comfortable even in the summer heat! The off-the-ground design helps to eliminate hot spots and the flexible fabric will relieve joint pains! A portable lightweight design and weather resistance make it the ideal dog bed for your home!

3. Portable Dog Paw Cleaner – (Simple and Easy Paw Cleaning)

Dexas MudBuster Portable Dog Paw Cleaner, Medium, Blue


Don’t you wish your pup would wash its paws in the sink and give you a break? Wishful thinking, but here is a solution that can save you time and stress!

The MudBuster Portable Dog Paw Cleaner was a viral sensation on TikTok, showcasing it to be the most effective way to clean your dog’s paws! Simply add water, insert the muddy paw, do the twist, dab the paw dry, and repeat! It’s that easy! The gentle silicone bristles will help to remove dirt and mud from your dog’s paws, and keep the mess away from your home!

4. Giggle Ball – (Interactive Dog Toy)

Dikeiuta Wobble Giggle Dog Ball, Interactive Chew Wobble Wag Giggle  

Do you want your pup to stay active while you are gone, but not by tearing up the house?

The Giggle Ball is designed to engage your dog’s natural curiosity and instincts to continue playing with the ball! As the ball rolls the internal tube noisemaker will produce giggle sounds that will keep your pup intrigued. The ball does not require batteries, so the fun will never end! This dog toy will keep your pup active and entertained throughout the day!

5. Splash Pad for Dog – (Best Way To Keep Your Dog Cool)

VISTOP Non-Slip Splash Pad for Kids and Dog, Thicken Sprinkler


Not everyone has access to pools or bodies of water for their dogs to enjoy. So here is the best alternative that your pup will love! 

This Splash Pad is a refreshing way for your dog to stay hydrated and cool on hot days. It also offers exercise through play and can help keep a dog’s coat clean and healthy. The pad is thick and durable so you don’t have to worry about it being damaged by their paws. This pet product is a great summertime activity for a dog to enjoy!

6. Furbo 360° Dog Camera – (Best Dog Watcher)

Furbo 360° Dog Camera: [New 2022] Rotating 360° View Wide-Angle

We all hate leaving our fur babies behind, but now you can always keep an eye on them and interact no matter where you travel!

The Furbo 360° Dog Camera is a pet camera that allows you to see, talk, and give treats to your dog remotely. It has a 1080p camera, night vision, a wide-angle view, and 2-way audio. It is a useful pet product for keeping an eye on and interacting with your dog when you are not home!

7. Automatic Ball Launcher for Dogs – (Best Gift For Ball Loving Pups)

Hyper Pet GoDogGo Fetch Machine Dog Ball Launcher & Automatic


Does your dog love playing fetch? Let’s give your arm a rest, but still, let your doggo have some fun!

The GoDogGo Fetch Machine allows you to play fetch with your dog even when you are not able to throw the ball yourself. It throws the ball up to 50 feet for your dog to fetch. It has adjustable distance and height settings and is perfect for indoor and outdoor use. Say goodbye to throwing the ball yourself and let this fun pet product do the work!

8. GPS Pet Tracker for Dogs – (Best Way To Monitor Your Dog)

Tractive GPS Tracker & Health Monitoring for Dogs - Market

Does your dog tend to get loose? No more stress and worry, this device will always have a close eye on your pup!

The Tractive GPS Pet Tracker for Dogs is a device that tracks your dog’s location in real-time using GPS and a built-in SIM card. It can be attached to your dog’s collar and has virtual fence alerts. It is lightweight and water-resistant. It is a useful pet product for keeping track of your dog and ensuring their safety!

9. Dog Talking Button Kit – (Teach Your Dog to Talk)

FluentPet Sound Button Tester Kit - Dog Buttons for Communication


Have you ever wanted your dog to speak? No, I’m not talking about barking. But actually, communicate with you?

The FluentPet Dog Talking Button is a fun and simple language platform for your pup! Teach your dog to push buttons that play word sounds, and train them to associate the recorded words with basic concepts like potty, outside, or eat! As your dog becomes more familiar with the buttons, you can expand the hextiles and word buttons!

10. Dog Water Bottle – (Best Portable Puppy Water Dispenser)

MalsiPree Dog Water Bottle, Lightweigh, Leak Proof Portable Travel Dog

Whether it is a trip to the park or a long journey, water is a necessity for your pup. But bringing a water bowl and water supply can be tasking and messy.

The MalsiPree Dog Water Bottle has been a popular, “TikTok made me buy it,” product. This is a convenient way to provide water for your dog when you are on the go. It has a built-in bowl and is leak-proof. It holds 12 ounces and is made from safe materials. It is a clever pet product for keeping your dog hydrated and healthy!

11. Dog Car Seat Cover – (Must-Have for Car Rides)

URPOWER Dog Seat Cover 100% Waterproof Hammock 600D Heavy Duty

Is your car collecting wear and tear from your pup? And not to mention the amount of fur…

The URPOWER Dog Seat Cover is a practical dog accessory for protecting car seats from dirt, hair, and mess. It is made from waterproof material, easy to install and remove, and machine-washable. It provides a comfortable and secure place for your dog to sit in the car. The seat cover is a must-have pet product for any dog owner!

12. LED Light Up Dog Leash – (Protect Your 4-Legged Family Members)

ILLUMISEEN LED Light Up Dog Leash | Ultra High Visibility

Are you concerned about the safety of you and your dog during nighttime walks?

The Illumiseen LED Light Up Dog Leash is a useful dog product for improving visibility and safety when walking your dog at night. The built-in LED light provides 360-degree visibility, making it easier for you and your dog to be seen by others. The leash is also durable and weather-resistant, making it suitable for use in a variety of conditions! A great pet product for keeping your fur baby safe!

13. KONG – Classic Dog Toy – (Best Dog Chew Toy Ever)

KONG - Classic Dog Toy, Durable Natural Rubber- Fun to

Need a dog chew toy that will last? Here is a top-selling dog toy that the dog community raves about! 

The KONG – Classic Dog Toy is like the Swiss Army Knife of Dog Toys. It’s durable, it bounces unpredictably, and you can even stuff it full of treats for your furry friend to enjoy. Plus, it’s made from chew-resistant rubber, so it’s perfect for those dogs who like to chew on everything! One of the best viral pet products that your pup will love!

14. Automatic Dog Feeder – (Best Way to Keep Your Pup Fed)

PETLIBRO Automatic Dog Feeder 6L Auto Dry Food Dispenser for

Nobody wants to forget feeding their pup. This is the best way to make sure that never happens, no matter what comes up in your day. 

The PETLIBRO Automatic Dog Feeder is a convenient pet product for managing your dog’s feeding schedule. It dispenses a predetermined amount of food at set intervals and can be programmed using a digital display. It is a handy pet product for dog owners who are away from home and can help prevent overfeeding and maintain a healthy weight.

15. Pet Grooming Brush – (Best Dog Brush)

Maxpower Planet Pet Grooming Brush - Double Sided Shedding, Dematting


Is your dog brush failing you once again? It’s time to give this viral sensation a try!

The Maxpower Planet Pet Grooming Brush is a TikTok viral pet product that dog owners are going crazy for! It removes tangles, mats, and loose fur, promotes healthy circulation, and helps prevent skin irritations. It is a practical tool for keeping your dog’s coat clean and healthy, and reducing shedding!

Frequently Asked Questions From Dog Owners:

What are the best toys for keeping my dog entertained and preventing boredom?

Here are a few fun and entertaining toys for keeping your dog happy and occupied:

  1. Interactive toys: Toys that make your dog think, such as puzzle toys or treat-dispensing toys, are great for keeping their brains active.
  2. Chew toys: Whether it’s a bone or a nylon rope, chew toys are perfect for satisfying your dog’s natural urge to chomp.
  3. Fetch toys: Chuck it as far as you can and watch your dog go! Fetch toys are a classic way to get your dog moving and having fun.
  4. Plush toys: Soft and cuddly, plush toys are great for snuggling and playing. Just watch out for any toys with small parts that your dog could swallow.

How do I choose the best dog bed for my pet’s needs?

When picking out a dog bed, consider your dog’s size, the materials the bed is made from, its durability, style, and how easy it is to clean. Memory foam and orthopedic beds may be best for older dogs or those with joint issues. Waterproof and stain-resistant materials may be good for dogs prone to accidents. Choose a bed that is well-constructed and easy to clean. There are many styles and colors available, so you can find one that fits your tastes and home decor.

What is the easiest way to wash a dog?

Here is a simple process for washing a dog:

  1. Gather all of your supplies: You will need a dog-specific shampoo, a large bucket or tub, a large towel or blanket, and a hose or spray nozzle.
  2. Wet your dog’s coat: Using the hose or spray nozzle, wet your dog’s coat thoroughly. Be sure to get the water all the way down to the skin to ensure that the shampoo will be effective.
  3. Apply shampoo: Squirt a small amount of shampoo onto your hand and lather it into your dog’s coat, starting at the head and working your way down to the tail. Be sure to avoid getting soap in your dog’s eyes and ears.
  4. Rinse your dog: Rinse your dog’s coat thoroughly with the hose or spray nozzle to remove all of the soap. Be sure to rinse until the water runs clear, as any soap left on your dog’s coat can irritate their skin.
  5. Dry your dog: Once your dog is rinsed, use a large towel or blanket to pat them dry. If your dog has a long coat, you may want to use a blow dryer on a low heat setting to help them dry more quickly.

How do you get a dog to like fetch?

Here are a few tips for getting your dog to enjoy playing fetch:

  1. Start with a small, lightweight toy: Choose a small, lightweight toy that is easy for your dog to pick up and carry. This will make it easier for them to get the hang of the game.
  2. Encourage your dog to retrieve the toy: When you throw the toy, use a cheerful tone of voice and encourage your dog to go and fetch it. You can use a toy that makes a noise, such as a squeaky toy, to help get your dog’s attention.
  3. Reward your dog for retrieving the toy: When your dog brings the toy back to you, reward them with praise, treats, or a game of tug. This will help to reinforce the behavior and encourage them to continue playing.
  4. Practice regularly: The more you play fetch with your dog, the more they will enjoy it. Make sure to set aside time each day for a game of fetch to help your dog learn to love the game.

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